Currently the Head of Mount Kelly Schools Hong Kong, Ms Rain Jones (MA, NPQH) is our Head of Operations and the project leader for the development of Mount Kelly School Japan. Ms Jones has accumulated experience leading schools in the UK, Middle East and now Hong Kong. She presents a proven track record of developing models of distributed leadership within schools in which her vision and values are shared with all stakeholders and embedded within the community, in order to drive school improvement and pupil progress. Ms Jones is an accredited PENTA school inspector and is currently collaborating with COBIS and BSO to attain accreditation. She is a governor for the Mount Kelly Schools Hong Kong group, which also includes our Babies and Toddlers and Pre-Nursery schools. 

At Mount Kelly Hong Kong as Head of Schools, Ms Jones manages the Preschool, Primary School and Secondary School. The school has seen much development in terms of campus licencing, curriculum design, vision and ethos. Consequently, student attainment levels have consistently risen since her appointment. Such successes include over a 70% increase in the number of children with English as an additional language achieving the expected standard in phonics by the end of KS1 (95% of KS1 learners achieving the expected standard). End of KS2 results show Mount Kelly children achieved above the UK national average for expected attainment, as well as an improvement in the number of children achieving above the expected standard. The school now has Cambridge iGCSE accreditation and looks forward to enrolling it’s first cohort of students next year. 

Ms Jones is excited to be leading the advancement of Mount Kelly Japan. The school promises to deliver the high academic standards and personalised approach to learning attributed to Mount Kelly. The initial plans for the campus design are truly inspiring and we eagerly await the final stages of competition for the new school site.